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DiamantWorld - Diamond Tools Directory!

World Manufacturers,Suppliers,Buyers of Diamond Tools,Saw Blades,Segments,Wire Saw,Abrasives,Grinding Wheels,Polishing Pads,Drill Bits,etc...

  • China Diamant Tools Co., Limited
  • China Diamant Tools Co., Limited
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[Top] World Stone Fairs 2013

Stone+tec-Nuremberg, Germany

China(QingDao) International Stone Products & Machinery Exhibigtion

China(QingDao) International Stone Products & Machinery ExhibigtionSupporter: China Stone Association Organizers: Qingdao Municipal People's Government &Shandong Stone Association Undertaker...

China (Shanghai) International Floor Industry Expo

The first expo in China floor industry-Shanghai international floor industry in Shanghai new international expo center, attracting 220 enterprises on material and construction and machines and raw materials as Sika, Stone...

Buy 14" diamond saw blades - Australia

We want to buy the products of 14" Diamond saw Bladescould we please get photos sent through of the different blades too,we use to buy our blades from Bianco who imported off Shinhan diamond ind...

Buy wall cutting diamond wire - Hungary

We may have interest in one of your products.Please advise us which diamond wire we should apply for cutting walls constructed from a mixture of bricks and hard limestone.We would appre...

Buy Diamond Edge Polishing Pads - Germany

please send to me your best price vor Edge Polishing Pads with snail lock 125mm Honeycomband price for Hand Dry Pads 100mm best regards Marmorwerk Di Giorgio...

Buy Diamond Wire for Marble Quarry - Iran

Dear Sir, MadamGood day! We are owner of 2 factories and 5  mines. We need one of your products, please inform us your best priceDiamond Wire Saw For Marble Quarries:11.5 m  ...

Buy Power Tools - India

I am going to start my business of power tools machines and it's spare parts.In this category, i am looking to import the wood cutter blades, marble cutter blades, stone cutter blades, iron rods cutting blades, granite cutting blades...


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