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Buy 14" diamond saw blades - Australia

We want to buy the products of 14" Diamond saw Blades
could we please get photos sent through of the different blades too,
we use to buy our blades from Bianco who imported off Shinhan diamond ind. co. ltd

in a quantity of 500 blades

Just after a price per blade at the moment we have a fair idea of the delivery cost. .

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ryan Daly

« Buy wall cutting diamond wire - HungaryWorld Stone Fairs 2013 »
  • quote 7.Kei

  • Dear Mr Ryan Daly


    We, Hyosung D&P, have manufactured diamond tools for domestic and overseas for 33years.

    Since 1981 with steady R & D technology and decisive investments, HYOSUNG has become known as one of the leading diamond tool manufacturers in the world wide diamond tools industry.

    We are pretty sure that you may easily know quality of our products as we are the main supplier of Hilti and Bosch.

    We are total diamond tools manufacture, now we are producing all type of normal diamond tools and also producing diamond patterned type products. (We named it as EDIA)

    We know what customers want. “good quality and reasonable price” this is what all customers want.We are pretty sure we can give you answer.

    Thanks and best regards

    T.Y. Kim / Manager / Overseas Sales Department.
    Hyosung D&P Co., Ltd
    Tel : +82 32 820 6137
    Fax : + 82 32 811 6828
    Mobile : +82 10 2203 3421
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  • quote 6.ChinShine
  • Buy Diamond Saw Blades for Ceramic, Porcelain & Tile Cutting

    Dear Suppliers,

    We want to buy Diamond Saw Blades for Ceramic, Porcelain & Tile Cutting.

    Hot Sintered, Continuous Rim with Laser Cut "J" Slot(Fish hook) 300mm, 60mm iner hole in a quantity of 200pcs each order.

    Please send us your product details and price terms for shipment to the port of CIF ashdod israel.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Uri Shalev
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  • quote 5.Ms.Chris
  • http://Http://
  • Our company can offer you graphite rod for diamond tools.
    The graphite rod is materials for L-4 graphite.

    We also can offer you isostatic graphite,molded graphite.

    We make it accoroding to your drawing and specifications.

    Welcome to write me email.and then I will reply you at my frist time.


  • 2013-7-11 10:07:19 [Report Spam]  Reply to this message
  • quote 4.kiran
  • Dear Daly,

    We wish to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer of sintered diamond tools namely Segments, saws, Diamond beads & wires, used in processing granite, Marble and other natural stone. Our factory is based in Goa, India.

    We have recently successfully introduced Plastic injected Diamond wires used in Quarrying granite/ marble, and in stationary diamond wire machines. We will be shortly be introducing Multi diamond wires for slabbing Granite.

    We will offer an introductory Diamond Wire as below;

    Plastic injected Diamond wire for Granite:
    Bead Dia 11.5mm/ 40 beads per metre
    Performance : 4 – 10 sqmtrs/per metre of wire, depending on the Granite Type.
    We can offer dia 350 saws for grnite 7 other stones. the quality is superior to Chinese make, and prices are competetive.

    Please visit our site for further information.

    Best Regards,

    Kiran Shetty
  • 2013-5-5 19:44:47 [Report Spam]  Reply to this message
  • quote 3.Wenger
  • Dear Mr Ryan Daly

    Thank you for read my email

    We are Xiamen YuSheng Diamond Tool Ltd set up in 1989,is a high-tech company specialized in developing ,manufacturing ,testing ,distribution and providing services for superhard materials and products

    Our laser welded diamond tools include blades ,core drill bits,boring bits for cutting and processing different construction materials such as ferroconcrete,asphalt,green concrete,bricks,stone materials,ceramics and glass etc

    Hope you can give me a chance to supply you more information about you interested.

    Your reply will be highly apprecaited

    Best regards

  • 2013-3-26 15:28:33 [Report Spam]  Reply to this message
  • quote 2.Demi
  • Hello Ryan:
    Its Demi from Exin diamond Co from china, we have been in this industry for more than 20years, we have two diamond tools workshop, the area is more than 25000M2,meanwhile, we produce diamond powder and graphite moulds these raw material in our own workshops.Our clients including Husqvarna
    ,LG,Saint-spain,Winter such famous couries.Our main saw blade market is Russia, Usa,West European, India and middle east couries.

    For the saw blade, we could provide 14''-140'' and other smaller saw blade, you could view our

    Looking for ur reply!
    Marketing manager
  • 2013-3-23 12:13:09 [Report Spam]  Reply to this message
  • quote 1.Susy
  • Dear Mr Ryan Daly
    I find out the inquiry that from this website. We Guilin Tebon Manufactures diamond saw blade for speical use and common use. Sizes from 105mm to 1m,14" blades are the commone sizes that is pop. XinHAN is in North China, but we in South WEST OF China. Not far from Guangzhou. We have four work shops here at the producing area. Our blades mostly exported to US.
    Hope we have the chance to supply our blades for your testing.
    Best regards
    Guilin Tebon Superhard Material Co.,ltd
    ADD:No.20 Tie Shan Road Guilin, Guangxi, China
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