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« Buy Marble Segments - IranBuy 2500mm diamond saw blade - South Africa »

Buy diamond saw blade & Segments - India

Dear Suppliers,

We want imports the products of circular saw blades of 200 250 350 mm dia also scutting segment from 1 meter to 3.5 mtrs for both smooth and hard and others polichin bricks and pads, we aslo want to be delear in india to any gunine comapny which provide assured quality and service at best price.

Please send us your product details and price terms for shipment to the port of chennai if air at hyderabad.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Md Shafeeq

The Sender's IP Address is:

« Buy Marble Segments - IranBuy 2500mm diamond saw blade - South Africa »
  • quote 2.Sara
  • Dear Md Shafeeq,
    Our company committed to providing customers with superior quality products including diamond saw blade, diamond segments, diamond drill bits etc.
    Taian Hengtai Diamond Tools Company

  • 2011-5-26 16:22:27 [Report Spam]  Reply to this message
  • quote 1.rose
  • Dear Md Shafeeq,

    We're the manufacture of diamond tools in China.Our main products:Grinding wheels, cutting discs, saw blades, drilling bits, millstones,whetstone, polishing pad, finishing belt, etc.
    we have been in the field for10years.I give you the saw blade and cutting segment in lower price and higher quality.
    I know you need this product ,if you are interested in my products .please send email to me or call me.Or you can go to our web:
    We could make the products upon your requirements.
    Maybe now you have regular business partner,if so ,please leave my message in your email box,maybe someday I will be useful.
    If you need the price to compare with it your partner give you,welcome.
    Add: NO. 161 Zhongyuan Road, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China 450007
    Tel: +86-371-67613558 Fax: +86-371-67665531
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