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Exceptional Cutting Tools: Diamond Blades

Exceptional Cutting Tools: Diamond Blades

Diamond is a natural carbon with a closely-packed cubic atom arrangement. It is the reason why diamonds are the hardest known materials. Diamonds can be the most expensive jewelry or adornment depending on the size, clarity and weight. Diamonds can also be ideal for industrial applications primarily in the cutting industry.

The hardness of diamonds is also the primary reason behind the widespread use of the material as a cutting tool. Glass cutters use diamond-tipped glass cutters. Diamonds are also utilized as stone cutting tools because it can cut through any material, whether natural or artificial.

Diamond blades are the most commonly used of the stone cutting tools. Diamond blades are small cutting edges on a metal matrix with exposed diamond particles. Diamond blades exist in wide varieties. There are diamond blades suited for different applications and it is therefore an imperative for the user to understand the use and application of different types of diamond blades. Users must also know that one type of diamond blades may successfully work on one application and fail on another. Diamond blades react in disparate ways when subjected to different conditions.

Diamonds are also used for granite cutting and marble cutting. As mentioned earlier, its hardness makes it a perfect stone cutting tool. Diamonds are usually embedded on segmented blades. Stone cutting tools with diamonds can either be blade driven, ring saw or chain driven. Blade-driven stone cutting tools use standard diamond blades. Ring saws use diamond ring blades. Chain driven stone cutting tools resembles the design of a wood cutting chainsaw.

The success rate of glass cutting, granite cutting or marble cutting really depends on the type of diamond blades the cutter will use. The skills and expertise also matter. Diamond blades can also be used for granite polishing, marble polishing and emerald polishing.

Truly, diamond blades are exceptional cutting tools, it brings glory to the cutting industry by providing a superior cutting performance combined with durable elegance.

« Marble Cutting ArtStone Cutting Tools Tile Saw Diamond Blades: Stone Shapers »
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