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Diamond Drill Bits Used For Drilling Stone

Diamond Drill Bits Used For Drilling Stone

Craftsmen, in creating various types of products fashioned from stone, use diamond drill bits. There are also different types of these diamond drill bits used for specific purposes. These pieces of equipment are stone cutting tools and you can use them on hard materials. You see, their main function is to bore holes in stone as well as in brick and concrete.

The Composition Of Diamond Drill Bits The actual bit is made up of a metal cylinder. This cylinder is usually made up of soft steel which is also mounted on an arbor. What makes diamond dirll bits unique is that there are actually industrial diamonds embedded at the open end of its cylinder. These diamonds are found at the metal segments and they are called diamond blades.

Unique Function of Diamond Drill Bits The diamond-studded tip of diamond drill bits make this equipment quite unique. Being the hardest material and element found in our environment, the diamonds make the diamond drill bits work even with the hardest material. Compared to other types of drills, diamond drill bits do not have sharp metal tips and teeth that do not bite into the material but rather would fracture or create unwanted chips.

Materials Used For Diamond Drill Bits Diamond drill bits can be used on various types of material. The list contains glass, stained glass, porcelain, ceramic tiles, ceramics, limestone, porcelain tile, granite, marble, stone, slate, and fiberglass.

Styles Of Diamond Drill Bits Diamond drill bits come in different sizes and shapes. However, there are primarily two basic styles and these are blunt nose bits and core drill bits. Blunt nose bits have solid tips and you can actually find the diamonds on its tip and at its sides. On the other hand, core drill bits are hollow at the tip and the diamonds are located along the edge and at the sides of the tip.

« Granite Polishing Diamond Pads Make your Floor ShineRequire diamond core drill »

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