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« Polishing and Drilling Granite and MarbleCeramic polishing-Shinier Ceramics »

Dressing Marble

Dressing Marble
A History of Marble All marble was once either dolostone or limestone. The metamorphism of limestones or dolostones produces marble. The purer the limestone, the purer the marble. Marble has long been a favorite of many sculptors in history. Many Greek and Roman gods and goddesses were crafted in stone.

The Beauty of Marble A great host of grand living room floors, hotels, and great academic institutions have been adorned with marble. It is a stone that, when fully dressed, exudes a regal aesthetic.

The Dressing Process Dressing marble is a long process. It begins with the hewing of the stone from its original home in the earth; in other words, it all begins in a quarry. Marble is obtained through quarrying. The marble is gathered, and later on cut with the use of diamond tools. Diamond drill bits, diamond blades, and diamond wire saws are used to cut and shape marble to useful dimensions.

The process of dressing marble requires expensive tools. Hence, the operations are usually carried out in very large scales. Great quantities of rock are hewn and cut during each day of operations. Diamond wire saws are used to cut or "square" large segments of marble at a time. Diamond blades are also used to cut the tiles into smaller measurements.

Marble Polishing Dressing marble also entails polishing the carefully measured marble segments. The cut and squared tiles, or marble blocks, as the case may be, will be polished with the use of even more diamond tools. The tool of choice for polishing is called a marble polishing pad. These are also created with the use of diamonds. The sharpness and precision of the diamond tool allows for a fantastic glazed finish for each marble tile.

Marquetry Dressing marble can also include inlaying marble with other stones. This process is called marquetry.

« Polishing and Drilling Granite and MarbleCeramic polishing-Shinier Ceramics »

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