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Granite Polishing,Brings Out The Beauty Of The Stone

Granite Polishing Brings Out The Beauty Of The Stone

Granite is the most durable of all known building stones. Granite is considered the ultimate luxury and many designers choose it for countertop materials, interiors and exteriors. It comes from all parts of the world, and thus you have granites with different textures, from large crystals to tiny granules, and with various colors, from black to dark grays, pale grays, blues, reds and pinks.

Granites are very dense and impervious to almost anything. This makes it difficult to work on granite, such as granite polishing or granite cutting.

You will find granite sold in the same finished forms as marble. However, in the case of granite, different finishes will create wholly different colors and characteristics. Granite polishing gives it a deeper, richer color, and brings out the natural structure and color variations in the crystalline granules. Like marble, granite cutting produces granite tiles for floors, usually in squares of 30 by 30 cm and 40 by 40 cm, all usually 10 mm thick.

The process of marble polishing and granite polishing is similar in many ways. You usually start with an abrasive disk, and use some abrasive powder, like rouge, for granite polishing. You have to pour water on the granite to serve as lubricant, and then apply the disk gradually, in small round movements. After you have smoothed the stone sufficiently, you should wash off the slurry that forms. You may seal the surface with a varnish.

You will like having granite for your kitchen worktop and flooring. When you want to do granite polishing, for final installations on kitchen or floor, make sure to obtain several new granite polishing pads of different grit sizes, from coarse grit to fine. When you begin working, start off with the bigger-sized grits and progressively go down to the finer sizes until you get a smooth glossy finish.

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