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Grinding Cups Levels Out the Problems

Grinding Cups Levels Out the Problems
Rough surfaces in marble, granite, and ceramic are not easy to smooth out when you don’t have the proper tools. Grinding cups are a kind of ceramic polishing and composite material polishing tool that smoothens out rough, uneven surfaces with ease.

Composed of Diamonds

Grinding cups are made of diamond, the hardest natural substance. Diamond strengthens the grinding cups so that they can be used to grind the toughest surfaces, or the hardest stones, like granite.

Unique Shape

Grinding cups come in a unique cup shape, which makes it an efficient tool not only for polishing or pre-polishing, but also for stain or mark removal. Because of their shape, grinding cups can do a superior job when it comes to the removal of stone impurities like stains and marks.


These grinding cups are made for rough polishing and heavy-duty work. It is not only made to smoothen uneven surfaces in hard rock, but also to de-burr concrete surfaces.

Lightweight and Variety

The design of efficient grinding cups is a lightweight model. By being lightweight, the grinding cups are able to perform at the fastest rate and with the least energy usage. Also, grinding cups are manufactured in different sizes to accommodate a variety of grinding jobs.

Wet and Dry Jobs

Grinding cups may be used for wet and dry jobs. Usually, wetting the grinding cups prevent the cups and the stone from overheating. This also prevents chipping and cracking. Dry jobs are usually the smaller jobs because they don’t take so long, which means that they require little to no heat regulation.

The Job Gets Done

Whether you need to pre-polish a bit of granite or reshape a slab of marble, grinding cups are available to help you smoothen the stone to your liking. Many sizes are available in the market to cater to your stonework problems, no matter how big or small they are.

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