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Inquire about Diamond Segmented Circular Saw Blade-India

Inquire about Diamond Segmented Circular Saw Blade

Hallo.We are interested in Diamond Segments for cutting colour and Black Granite.
We require Sizes from 1 mtr to 2.5 mtr in 15 mm hight segments.
please send your reasonble prices for the same enable us to deal with you.

Mr. Sai Boyapati

Tel: 09391513004. 08558223651

Sender's IP Address 117.199.*.*

« Buy wire saw beads sintered & electroplated-IndiaExcell »
  • quote 4.Ashok
  • We are the manufacturers and exporters of Electrolytic Iron powder for Diamond Tools applications . We have several grades available for Specific Segment manufacturing. Kindly contact us if required iron powder for diamond tools.
  • 2010-8-11 20:53:31 [Report Spam]  Reply to this message
  • quote 3.Xiao
  • Dear Sir:
    We are introducing ourselves as a leading manufacturer of Equipment for stone processing. We are in this field since more then 20 years. We provide latest Technology with latest design in the same equipments.
    All our machines are selling to America and Europe.We are factory moved to China from Italy.We have the best engineers from Italy in our factory.
    Please view our
    Thanks & Regards,
  • 2009-1-15 14:22:30 [Report Spam]  Reply to this message
  • quote 2.Henry
  • Dear Mr.Sai,

    How are you?
    This is Henry Chan from Quanzhou Freet Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd. We are the specialist of Diamond Segmented Saw Blade,pls feel free to contact us if you are still looking for it.

    Looking forward to your further information!

    Best regards,
    Henry Chan
  • 2008-12-4 13:40:02 [Report Spam]  Reply to this message
  • quote 1.Emily
  • hello sir

    nice to know you

    this is Emily from Jiangsu Yaofeng tools,we are professional manufacturer and exporter of diamond tools,we have been doing business india makert,i sisncerley wish we could also build good business relastionship in the future

    please feel free to contact me,your more informations are welcome

    Best regards

    Jiangsu Yaofeng Tools CO.,LTD
    ADD: Houxiang town Danyang city Jiangsu province china
  • 2008-11-3 12:51:53 [Report Spam]  Reply to this message

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