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Marble Cutting Art

Marble Cutting Art

Are you enthused by those statues you see? Are you delighted by the marvelous designs on different structures? Those are products of marble cutting and marble polishing.

By nature, marble cutting is simply the process of cutting proportions or some amount of marble from large marble slabs which are extracted from quarry sites. Marble cutting employs the use of different stone cutting tools such as diamond blades and diamond drill bits. The different sizes, shapes and designs of marbles you see are produced by the use of different stone cutting tools. Stone cutting tools with different diameters and core thickness of diamond blades on them are usually used to trim slabs of marbles. Smaller sizes of diamond blades can be used for cutting marble bricks and blocks.

After the marbles are cut into desired sizes, the shaping usually follows. Stone carving tools are usually used in this method. These tools are of great importance to sculptors to produce those statues and great adornments on different structures. The stone carving tools may be simple machines such as mallets and chisels or complex ones which use diamond blades, pressurized gas, laser and other stone cutting technologies available.

The smooth appearance of the incised designs and statues are the results of the polishing process. There are stone cutting tools which can also be used to polish stones.

Similarly, the processes involved in marble cutting are likewise the same in granite cutting. Stone cutting tools with diamond blades are commonly used to cut slabs of granite. The carving tools used for marbles may also be used to incise granites. Granite polishing may also be done with the same marble polishes. Results for marbles and granites would only differ on certain conditions such as the pressure exerted on granite and marble slabs during the cutting process. Shaping the stones could be a lot tougher on marbles because they are harder.

Marble cutting and granite cutting are wonderful forms of art accomplished with the use of different stone cutting tools. If you are skilled enough and interested on producing your own designs and sculpts out of your granite or marble slabs, then grab the advantage of using advanced stone cutting tools unlike in the ancient times when sculptors used their bare hands and few stone tools to produce their masterpices.

« Granite Polishing,Brings Out The Beauty Of The StoneExceptional Cutting Tools: Diamond Blades »

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