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Polishing And Edging Granite

Polishing And Edging Granite
The process of edging granite requires special cutting tools in order to ensure the uniformity and the accurate measurement of granite slabs or pieces. Granite is a composite stone made of mica, feldspar and quartz. It is considered to be one of the hardest natural stones to cut, polish and shape.

Sawing and edging granite works in the same way as milling. Diamond segment blades can be used for edging and sawing granite. When the tool is used in the factory, the individual diamond crystals, which are exposed its edges, and the sides of the segment carry out the milling, so that the granite is edged and/or shaped.

After the granite pieces are edged, the process of granite polishing follows. To polish granite, you need to make use of diamond abrasives. These diamond abrasives are attached to granite polishing pads, which are then used to put a perfect shine on these granite slabs or tiles. These pads must be used with a variable speed grinder or polisher along with a water hose.

Edging granite is an expensive process: not only is it due to the high cost of tools that are required to perform the task, but is also mainly due to the special skills required.

In businesses that specialize in edging granite a bullnosing bench is used to make the fabrication of these edges easier on the person performing the task. A bullnosing bench saves a person time because the process of edging granite is done onsite instead of having to send it to a factory. You will discover that after edging a number of granite edges equal to several kitchens that you will have obtained a return on your investment.

Edging granite pieces onsite will allow edging granite tools to increase your efficiency, profitability and quality output.

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