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Precision Diamond Tools Inc.

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Diamond Blades

and Cutting Tools by Precision Diamond Tools, Inc.

At we offer a wide selection of professional diamond blade, cutting tools, diamond tip drill bits, granite tool, concrete tool products and much more at wholesale factory direct prices packaged with outstanding customer service for today's contractor. Select and then buy quality diamond tools from a huge assortment of diamond saw blades varying from the general purpose segmented diamond blade, professional turbo segmented diamond blade, laser welded diamond blade to sintered diamond blades. We truly have a diamond blade and cutting tools for every contractor in the construction industry.

You can also select then buy from a wide variety of diamond core bits, polishing pads, cup wheels, crown bits, profiling milling wheels, diamond drill bits, crack chasers, tuck pointers, and other diamond tools. Our inventory covers the entire spectrum of diamond blade products and cutting tools. While we offer a wide variety of cost effective diamond saw blades there are an equal number of high end, long lasting, supreme quality, signature product that is guaranteed to tackle the toughest granite, concrete, asphalt etc, cutting around.

To the right, we list all of our diamond saw blades and cutting tools by materials that you may be cutting. Choosing the correct material enables you to properly select the correct diamond blade and bond for your project’s needs, and saw type with ease. Browse through all of our diamond saw blades and cutting tools, then make your purchase with the BuyNow! option, Phone or Fax. Here, quality is not sacrificed for great pricing. Enjoy your shopping experience and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about any cutting tools or a specific diamond blade you find or have trouble finding on our website.

security imageSecure Shopping                                                                     

Order a diamond blade and any of our cutting tools from with total confidence. Free shipping to the USA 48 states is our standard policy. You never pay sales tax, (excluding FL residents) Also be assured your transactions are 100% safe with us through our secure checkout system. Our site always meets the highest Geotrust (A Verisign company) and security standards.


Need assistance? Our Customer Service department is more than delighted to help you. To inquire about the diamond saw blade and diamond cutting tool products found on our Web site or in our catalog, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're happy to assist. The information you provide will be handled according to our Privacy Policy.

arrow Contact Us by Phone or Fax
    Toll Free: 800-219-0109
    Fax: 561-337-4642

arrow Contact Us by Email
    Customer Service:
    Human Resource:
    General Inquiries:

    Precision Diamond Tools Inc.
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33431


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