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DiamantWorld - Diamond Tools Directory!

World Manufacturers,Suppliers,Buyers of Diamond Tools,Saw Blades,Segments,Wire Saw,Abrasives,Grinding Wheels,Polishing Pads,Drill Bits,etc...

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  • China Diamant Tools Co., Limited
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Patriot Diamond Inc.

Patriot Diamond Inc.

We are proud to say we manufacture and supply the highest quality products on the Planet. Patriot diamond blades, core bits and diamond wire offer a longer life, faster cutting and cost less per cut than any other diamond product available...


diamond saw blades

We are committed to providing you the finest products, services and information available to the construction industry. All our products are 100% Guaranteed, We will guarantee you the lowest cutting costs in the industry..

Inquire about Diamond Segmented Circular Saw Blade-India

Hallo.We are interested in Diamond Segments for cutting colour and Black Granite. We require Sizes from 1 mtr to 2.5 mtr in 15 mm hight segments. please send your reasonble prices for the same enable us to deal with you...

Buy wire saw beads sintered & electroplated-India

We want to buy the products of wire saw beads sint and electro in a quantity of 20000/month.Please send us your product details and price terms for shipment to the port of india...

Buy Diamond saw blades & wheels-Russia

Our company Monocrystal is the biggest Russian manufacture of synthetic sapphire for industrial applications. We purchase different materials, tools and equipment for our production process around the world...

Guilin Tebon Superhard Material Co. Ltd.

Guilin Tebon Superhard Material Co. Ltd.

Guilin Tebon Superhard Material Co. Ltd. is a high-tech company specialized in developing, producing, testing and selling superhard material and its products. The company have been a history of more than three decades. The company managed by the strategy of multi- brands has developed more than 100 kinds of products...

Inquiry about products of diamond blades-Saudi Arabia

Inquiry about products of diamond blades.We want to buy the products of Diamond Blades wet & dry cutting from diameter 125 mm to 400 mm. ,Please send us your product details and price terms...

Guilin Sanshan Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd.

Guilin Sanshan Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd.

Established in 1995,Guilin Sanshan Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd is a Science & Technology Enterpris owned by private shareholders.It is located in the franous tourist city Guilin where its scenery tops the world.Experienced 10-year development,the company now has developed four major products series in wall drill bit anel electroplate introduce of advance & upto-date technology and process...

Buy Diamond Segments,Wire Saw Beads-India

Buy Diamond Segments,Wire Saw Beads.We want to buy the products of DIAMOND GANG SAW SEGMENTS, SEGMENR FOR CUTTER & WIRE SAW BEADS ETC.Please send us your product details and price terms...

Buy Marble Block Cutter Machine-Pakistan

Buy Marble Block Cutter MachineWe want to buy the product of block cutters for marbles, in a quantity of 1.we want to purchase 1 (one block cutter)for marbles from your company.please send us the quotation of this machine...


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