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DiamantWorld - Diamond Tools Directory!

World Manufacturers,Suppliers,Buyers of Diamond Tools,Saw Blades,Segments,Wire Saw,Abrasives,Grinding Wheels,Polishing Pads,Drill Bits,etc...

  • China Diamant Tools Co., Limited
  • China Diamant Tools Co., Limited
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Hantronic Diamond industrial Co.,Ltd.

Hantronic Diamond industrial Co., Ltd.
Hantronic Diamond industrial Co.,Ltd. is a large enterprise that is wholly engaged in researching,manufacturing,and selling diamond tools.It is famous for high technology,advanced management and modern equipment in the world.At present,the annual output of company has broken through 10 million piece...

Elmas Madencilik Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret

Elmas Madencilik Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret
Elmas, is a professional and proven experience team company using with ultimate technologies manufacturer of diamond cutting blades and polishing tools for ceramic, marble, granite, natural stone, glass and construction industries. Having best quality, service and competitive prices Elmas is the lea...

Zhengzhou Zhongbang Superhard Tool Co.,Ltd.

Zhengzhou Zhongbang Superhard Tool Co.,Ltd.
Zhengzhou Zhongbang Superhard Tool Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacture of diamond&CBN tools in China,main products:diamond grinding wheels, diamond electropalted tools,diamond polishing pad/belt,diamond saw blades,synthetic diamond and coated diamond,diamond grinding wheels specialized...

Quanzhou Freet Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.

Freet Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd.
Quanzhou Freet Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. established in 1994, is a joint venture corporation with researching and developing, design, manufacture and sale in super-hard materials products. Our company is located on the bottom of Zimao Mountain-the section of tour. The area of our factory is more than ...

Wanlong Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd.

Wanlong Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd.
Wanlong Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd. was established in 1993,specialized in manufacturing stone diamond tools. Wanlong has wide range of diamond cutting tools and abrasives with diversified specifications to cutting and grinding of stones, pottery porcelain and other construction materials. wanLong is wel...

Quanzhou Jinshan Stone Tools Technology Co.,Ltd.

Quanzhou Jinshan Stone Tools Technology Co.,Ltd.
Estanblished in 1987,Quanzhou Jinshan Stone Tools Technology Co.Ltd is located in Quanzhou. a beautiful seaside city famous of stone processing industry in East China.The company has four sub-factories and R&D center. Its products are classified as mental-bonded magnesite-bonded and resin-bonded...

Stone Cutting Tools Tile Saw Diamond Blades: Stone Shapers

Stone Cutting Tools Tile Saw Diamond Blades: Stone ShapersCUTTING THROUGH STONEThere are many types of stone cutting tools, each one tailor-made for a specific rock or stone. Different stone cutting tools are used to cut stone, granite, tile, or ceramics. There is a specific tool for the specific jo...

Exceptional Cutting Tools: Diamond Blades

Exceptional Cutting Tools: Diamond BladesDiamond is a natural carbon with a closely-packed cubic atom arrangement. It is the reason why diamonds are the hardest known materials. Diamonds can be the most expensive jewelry or adornment depending on the size, clarity and weight. Diamonds can also be id...

Marble Cutting Art

Marble Cutting ArtAre you enthused by those statues you see? Are you delighted by the marvelous designs on different structures? Those are products of marble cutting and marble polishing.By nature, marble cutting is simply the process of cutting proportions or some amount of marble from large marble...

Granite Polishing,Brings Out The Beauty Of The Stone

Granite Polishing Brings Out The Beauty Of The StoneGranite is the most durable of all known building stones. Granite is considered the ultimate luxury and many designers choose it for countertop materials, interiors and exteriors. It comes from all parts of the world, and thus you have granites wit...


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