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World Manufacturers,Suppliers,Buyers of Diamond Tools,Saw Blades,Segments,Wire Saw,Abrasives,Grinding Wheels,Polishing Pads,Drill Bits,etc...

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[Top] World Stone Fairs 2013

Price list requested - USA

Price list requested - USA I am a distributor of diamond tooling and supplies, here in the USA. I carry diamond tooling for: concrete,granite, natural stone, asphalt and metal. I am ...

Ceramic Cutting

Ceramic CuttingWhat is Ceramic? The word ceramic is from the Greek work "keramic.” Literally, keramic means “made of clay.” Traditionally, ceramic has been used as a material primarily for pottery and tableware. It is a non-org...

Ceramic polishing-Shinier Ceramics

Ceramic polishing-Shinier CeramicsCeramic is one of the most common materials used in making kitchen and dining wares. You can also see them being used in different home decorations and furnishings. Because of the natural beauty that it adds up to th...

Drilling Ceramic

Drilling CeramicA Popular Choice Ceramic is widely used for bathroom fixtures, pottery, and tableware. One of the most popular uses of ceramic is as a material for bathroom tiles. The process of preparing ceramic materials to be used requires precise...

Finishing Ceramic

Finishing CeramicWhat is Ceramic Ceramic is an inorganic material typically made by processing powdered ingredients, mixing them with water or by sintering the ingredients to fuse them together. The Uses of Ceramic Ceramic is used for the creation of...

Ceramic Diamond Segment Blades and Stone Cutting Tools

Ceramic Diamond Segment Blades and Stone Cutting ToolsThere are a variety of diamond segment blades that are available in the market today. Different diamond blades cater to different stones and surfaces. Ceramic diamond segment blades are attached t...

Ceramic Squaring

Ceramic SquaringCeramic Ceramic is a material that is commonly used for tableware, pottery, tiles, and other bathroom fixtures. It is commonly created by applying water and heat to its basic ingredients. Sintering is a common mode of making ceramic, ...

What Is Ceramic Calibrating?

What Is Ceramic Calibrating?Ceramic calibrating is a physical and dimensional calibration method used for ceramic materials. When ceramic tiles are manufactured, they need to be produced of the same thickness and size. Ceramic calibrating is somewhat...

Ceramic Cutting Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond Saw Blades for Ceramic Cutting (Continuous Rim Saw Blades)Application: specially designed for cutting ceramic tiles, porcelain, and marble tiles, with smooth cutting surface and longer service life. ...


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