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DiamantWorld - Global Diamond Tools Resources!

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Diamant Boart - Belgium

DIAMANT BOART was established in 1937 and originally developed tools and machines for industrial use, using boart, a low quality diamond found in diamond mines in the Congo. Subsequently, synthetic industrial diamonds, developed in the 1960's, have replaced natural diamonds; they now represent 95 % of world industrial diamond consumption.

Dimas, Diamant Boart and Partner form Husqvarna Construction Products, the world leader in diamond tools and equipment. The product range encompasses diamond blades, diamond core bits, diamond wire, wall saws, flat saws, core drills, masonry saws, tile saws, power cutters, gang saw blades and equipment for the construction industry.

Stone Market
Diamant Boart manufactures and sells a complete range of tools and equipment necessary for processing natural stone from its extraction in the quarry, through slabbing, sawing, drilling, milling and surfacing, up to final polishing. Diamant Boart has expanded it's business to include all international markets. Globally Diamant Boart is recognised as the leading brand in the stone industry.

Ceramic Market
Diamant Boart produces and markets a range of tools for the ceramic industry.
Using his experience in diamond tools production, Diamant Boart has made a significant impact in the ceramic sector and offers a complete range of tools for this fast growing sector.

Diamant Boart Philosophy
The philosophy of Diamant Boart is clear, to maintain close contact with the customers to hear their opinion, gain inspiration and supplement our experience for the ongoing development work.
Through this personal contact with the customers we are also rapidly able to offer solutions adapted to their needs.

Diamant Boart
Avenue des Artisans, 50 / Z.I. N° 2 / B - 7822 Ath / Belgium /
Phone +32 (0)68 25 12 11 - Fax +32 (0)68 25 13 40
Website:  Email:

« W. DIAMANT E.P.E.Dellas S.p.A. - Italy »
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